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How to solve: mocking chained calls

I have met this issue several times, so I decided to give the simplest solution to you. You have probably had a situation, when you need to return one object, but it demanded mocking each and every object in the middle. You can avoid that by adding parameter to you mocked object like:

@Mock(answer = Answers.RETURNS_DEEP_STUBS)
private Client elasticSearchClient;

private ClusterHealthRequestBuilder healthRequestBuilder;

Currently you can use when() as presented below:


instead of mocking AdminClient, ClusterAdminClient and ClusterHealthRequestBuilder by hand:

ptivate AdminClient admin;
private ClusterAdminClient cluster;
private ClusterHealthRequestBuilder clusterHealthRequestBuilder;

public void setUp() {
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I against U

As we know now, that we should test each and every part of code, it is time to cover our application with tests. We can distinguish two main types of automatic tests:

  • unit
  • integration

Today, I’m going to show you how to set up environment for testing purpose using IntelliJ, maven, jUnit, AssertJ, Mockito and Spring Framework.

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